I think about product holistically while also having a pixel-perfect attitude towards design. Thinking about how design decisions impact user behavior elsewhere in the product. Making an assumption is a great way to start a design, but testing and validating your assumptions are just as important.

I am not afraid of ambitious experiments. Preconceived ideas rarely make it to the final product — it’s always the ideas you come up with while exploring something drastic that survive.



Daily Responsibilities:

Mobile Lead (apps + mobile web)
• iOS + Android platforms
• mobile web, utilizing media queries & responsive design to serve up content and product offerings
• creating rich prototypes to team up with Front End Engineers and develop mobile style guides


Onsite UX / UI
• develop new internal products and general style maintenance
• commercial / sales integration templates: media takeovers, IAB standard ads and product cobranding
• product integrations with CBS Local websites and apps (user interfaces, media players, widgets, etc)


Email Systems Lead
• developing new products – templates and iteration based on performance metrics (drivers user acquisition and ticket clicks / revenue)
• newsletters, alerts, recommendations and custom client sales
• using latest technology: scalable, fluid and responsive


Miscellaneous Print + Marketing materials
• display + booth graphics
• event promotions
• social media creative
• apparel design


• deliver wireframes, mockups and prototypes
• work close with stakeholders to design content and features from the ground up
• design workflows
• iterative design through build, test and learn approach
• pitch and present designs to stakeholders for sign-off
• create and implement dynamic style guides and design standards
• design consistent interfaces and interactions across multiple devices


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